Azure DEX 1.3.16: Azure Data Expert allows one to analyze and manage Azure cloud storage data.

Azure DEX 1.3.16

Azure Data Expert is a software utility allowing one to analyze and manage data stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud storage. The product provides the ability to upload data, download data, analyze disk space usage, classify and categorize files, search files by the file type, file name, extension, size, last modification date, etc.

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Metadata Analyzer 2.2: Metadata can get you into trouble!

Metadata Analyzer 2.2

data Analyzer is an analytical tool for checking MS Office documents: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint for unauthorized private information disclosure. The software application inserts information about an initial name, (previous) authors, corporate name(s), number of saves and other built-in & custom properties, which can infringe your privacy. Metadata Analyzer shall advise you of this information. Be professional in your office

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SQL Azure ODBC driver (32/64 bit) 1.1: ODBC Driver for SQL Azure

SQL Azure ODBC driver (32/64 bit) 1.1

data types implemented in our driver makes interaction of your database applications with SQL Azure fast, easy and extremely handy. Key features: - Direct Connection. Database applications based on our solution get an opportunity to establish connection to SQL Azure in Direct Mode. Direct Mode gives your applications an unrivalled advantage - connection to SQL Azure databases directly via TCP/IP avoiding SQL Azure client software. That improves performance

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Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1: Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1 supports qurries with diffrent types of dbs

Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1

Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1 supports qurries with diffrent types of databases. It supports Sql, Access, Oracle, MySql. It lets you have diffrent profiles to store data, also has options to hold querrys and export data. Query Analyzer

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SimplexNumerica Best data analyzer, 2D/3D-plotting, calc and presentation program.


SimplexNumerica is an object-oriented numerical data analyzer, plot and presentation program. SimplexNumerica is proving to be extremely popular among scientists. Ergonomic programming using the newest Windows programming guidelines with toolbars, context dialogs and interactive diagrams providing easy handling with difficult numeric mathematics. SimplexNumerica is best suited for publication type graphics, analysis of arbitrary data.

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ApexSQL Data Diff 2014.02: ApexSQL Data Diff is a tool for SQL Server data comparison and synchronization

ApexSQL Data Diff 2014.02

Data Diff is a SQL Server database comparison tool used to compare and synchronize database data. It also supports comparing SQL Azure databases, database backups, CLI. It can automate and schedule database migrations, propagate data changes from one environment to another, identify and repair lost and/or damaged data, perform row level recovery from SQL backups without restoring. In case something goes wrong ApexSQL Data Diff can reverse any changes

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SQLite Analyzer Process SQLite databases visually with SQLite Analyzer!  Free trial!

SQLite Analyzer

Analyzer. This tool is a comprehensive SQLite database processor that allows editing or modifying SQLite tables visually without any risk of losing data. Plus, there are no table size restrictions! Add tree-like database structure display, easy database navigation, syntax highlighting, instant script generation and you will understand why SQLite professionals are switching to SQLite Analyzer in droves. In addition, SQLite Analyzer is capable of connecting

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Model Analyzer for Excel 2.0.0: Analyze data in your spreadsheets with Model Analyzer for Excel.

Model Analyzer for Excel 2.0.0

Analyzer for Excel is an add-in for Microsoft Excel in which you can analyze the data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and intuitive manner, saving time, costs and increase your productivity and it includes the functions of several of our products: Now, Model Analyzer for Excel brings a powerful Monte Carlo simulation tool, which allows you to generate thousands of scenarios running simultaneously. This tool will randomly generate a sample

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How to Open SQL Log File 1.0: Know How to Open SQL Log File with SQL Log Analyzer Tool

How to Open SQL Log File 1.0

How to open SQL Log file? Don’t worry! Recently our company has launched SQL Log Analyzer software which is an advanced application that can be used to users open SQL Log files and analyze the all transaction in SQL Server database such as Transaction time, transaction name, table name, query etc. This SQL Server log analyzer tool will help users to find out the possible reason of SQL data corruption and recover deleted data from SQL log file.

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dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 4.0: SQL Server data comparison and synchronization tool

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 4.0

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a tool to compare and sync data of SQL Server databases. Tune your SQL Server data comparison, quickly analyze differences in a well-designed user interface and effortlessly synchronize data via a convenient wizard with additional options.

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